HP DeskJet Ink Multi Function Printer Review

Hewlett Packard is one such company delivering class in their machines and latest gadgets. From multi-functional printer to the trendy laptop. The company has never set back in the field of gadgets and gizmos. In order to keep your needs covered for printing purposes, the company came up with a multi-functional Deskjet ink printer which delivers thousands of standout pages. With the help of Printer Tech Support HP, you can easily solve any issue, if it may arise. So, let us have a look on the functioning of the printer.

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The Hp DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 All-in-One Printer is a device with many qualities. It prints thousands of pages with high yield original HP ink cartridges. In order to get brilliant prints, use original ink cartridge. This device is clean and reliable which is easy to maintain and helps in saving time, paper and money. You can also use HP planet partners to recycle original HP ink cartridges.

Apart from above-mentioned qualities, you can easily print documents and photos from a smartphone or any wireless device. With easy startup kit, you can easily get connected with easy set up from your smart device. Now printing everyday documents with sharper lines, darker blacks, and reduced smudging can help you achieve success.

The Printer Tech Support HP also enlightens its customers upon its easy control panel uses. The display panel features simple icons to control printing, scanning and copy functions easily. Now no need to wait for any technicians to come over and set it up for you, just get up and running right out of the box and automatically connect to your wireless network with easy access.

The printer is best for home or small office use and can be used daily without giving any error. Even if any error comes, you can get in touch with the technicians of VFix365 who are excellent in their field and provide great support services to customers all around the world.

HP DeskJet Ink Multi Function Printer Review

Are you facing problem with HP LaserJet printer ?


Having a laserjet printer can prove to be a boon if used properly and can also be a curse if it starts malfunctioning. Every printer has its own merits and demerits. They have limited years of use irrespective of their features. The environment in which they are kept or the people who are handling this device is what rules its functioning. As per VFix365 every day they receive many requests to troubleshoot their HP printer problem via HP technical support phone number. Some of them are repetitive in nature while others require some special assistance from technicians. Here are some of the major problems and their solutions in HP laserJet printer.

1. Toner is smearing – This might be a problem when toner does not stick to the page and the color smears causing a faulty print. You can resolve it either by replacing the fuser which can be replaced by a technician as a part of PM kit or you can replace the cartridge. If the problem persists then check whether the toner is clean or not, if not, then clean out the printer carefully. Still, if the problem persists then dial HP technical support phone number.
2. Paper Jan – This is the common problem in HP laserJet printers and the reason could be- use of wrong paper type or because of dust or worn rollers. You can easily resolve it by cleaning the printer or by using right quality of paper.
3. 50.4 error message – This problem indicates the disruption in power supply. You can correct this problem by unplugging the printer from UPS to the main power source. A laser printer should never be plugged into a UPS because of the power surges required by a printer.
4. Error with printing envelopes – While you are using laserjet printer in the office, it is necessary to use paper which is equivalent to 20 lb in weight and thickness, else, it might cause a severe problem. The envelopes must be capable enough to withstand the heat and should not be too much stiff.
5. 79 error – This is because of the network error. To resolve this issue open the printer folder from the start menu on the print server and disable all the pending jobs, remove all the add-ons and then added back to default settings.

These were some of the major problems faced by an HP laserjet printer user. If these solutions help you in resolving the problem then you are good to go else dial the hp technical support phone number of VFix365 to let technicians do the job for you.

Are you facing problem with HP LaserJet printer ?

HP DeskJet 1112 Printer Review | VFix365

Wish to buy a printer to fight in tight space and in the budget ? Then look for HP DeskJet 1112 printer which is simple to set up and can be used instantly right after unwrapping from the box. The technical printer support HP printer provides a fair review of this printer’s working and its unique features.


The printer can perform basic printing functions like, print, scan, and copy which is apt for home printing requirements. With its elegant design and features, you can adjust this printer into any space or small office area without any hassle. The printer is designed to fit on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you need it. The HP printer does affordable printing using Original HP ink cartridges and prints up to twice as many pages with high yield ink cartridges. It can print a monochrome document as fast as 15 seconds and colored document in 18 seconds. It renders up to 1200 X 1200 dpi resolution which is good in comparison with same range printers. The printer uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology which provides up to 4800 X 1200 optimized dpi color print quality. There are two replacement print cartridges, 1 black and 1 tri-color.

Apart from the features, there are some drawbacks of this printer in today’s world. There is no virtual display to control the working, there is no wireless connectivity feature and there is no HP ePrint capability feature. This makes it best for home use only and specifically for those who do not wish to see wireless connectivity features in their printer. So, take the decision wisely. If in the case you face any problem with the printer after you have purchased then contact technical printer support HP printer of Vfix365 who provides unmatched services to their clients on printer problems. They are easily approachable through a toll-free number available on their website.

HP DeskJet 1112 Printer Review | VFix365

Short review of best HP OfficeJet printer | VFix365

The micro and small offices do have the shortage of finances which encourage them to use their resources optimally. The printer is one such important gadget which gives a face to your dreams and helps you achieve success. Though there is speculation of shifting to paperless offices but because of the great demand for the hard copy in offices, it is imperative to work more on the printer. HP is one leading brand manufacturing printers across the world, and their gadgets are favorites of many. One such HP printer model is HP Officejet Pro 8600 plus-e-all-in-one specially designed to perform functions of small offices. HP printer tech support of VFix365 provides a short review of functioning and features of this printer.


Being an inkjet printer it can offer high-quality photos and graphics in a go. If you have enough room for this printer then it can even serve as a heavy duty personal multi-functional printer. The printer can perform basic printer functions like copying, scanning, printing and fax over the shared network. The printer can be connected via Wi-fi, ethernet or even USB. It offers various cloud printing functions like printing through Apple Air Print and HP ePrint. Now scanning or copying any document from email address is very easy to operate. The printer also offers photo-centric features which allow you to print anything from a memory card or USB. You can even view the image directly from the 4.3-inch Color LCD display without any trouble. The touch screen interference, legal size flatbed option, and well-designed control panel on top.

All of the above-mentioned features works as a great companion for home, small office or startups. Though there can be lot many problems after the years use. You can ask for expert help from technicians of VFix365 through HP printer tech support. Their services are a class in the industry and economical. So, purchase this printer without any doubt.

Short review of best HP OfficeJet printer | VFix365

Short Review about HP Photosmart E-all-in-one

The offices who are in creative field struggle on getting high-quality creative prints to show them to their clients. For so many years various offices were dependent on printing companies to get high-quality graphics printed or consulted third party printer service provider to charge them less and provide premium quality image prints. However, that was not possible. To eradicate this problem, HP introduced HP Photosmart 7510 e-all-in-one inkjet printer. As per HP printer support of VFix365 HP, there are various internet based advantages for this printer. So, here is a short review about features and some unacceptable traits of this printer.

The printer can perform the basic function of copying, scanning and printing documents. The printer comes in black matte finish measuring 17.9 X 17.7 X 7.7 inch. This means it will take considerable about of space in your room. There is a 4.3-inch color LCD screen with virtual buttons that illuminate to help with the navigation and selection. The touch screen is similar to iPhone touch function. You can print images directly from facebook or can use various ePrint features of HP. The company permits entry to ePrint which helps in remote printing from cloud services, indeed, a plus point for those companies who are technically sound and are using the internet for the wide range of services.
Apart from basic functions and design, what keeps this printer out of the leagues is the cloud printing access and downloading of apps straight from the touch screen on top at an economical rate. However, there is no ethernet connectivity and because of internet syncing with the internet, the sensitivity suffers periodically.

All in all the printer is really good for the offices looking for a printer which boasts fast output speeds, provides multiple connectivity options, an array of growing number of apps in HP web store and cloud printing. A flexible imaging machine indeed.In the case of any touch screen problem feel free to contact HP printer support for immediate disposal of printer problem. The services provided by is of high quality and low in price.

Short Review about HP Photosmart E-all-in-one

Short Review on HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-one printer |VFix365

HP has introduced various printer models which are office-centric. The use of the printer in any type of office is much more than home. HP OfficeJet 4650 all in one printer is appropriate for home office or small scale offices. Loaded with various office specialist features the printer gives tough competition to all other printer brands falling under same price level. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of owning HP printer as reviewed by HP printer technical support team.

The main advantage of this printer is the ability to scan multipage documents and an automatic document feeder. You can use this printer for your home office or for small scale office needs. The paper handling option for this printer is quite flexible as it can handle 35 sheet ADF of Lega size pages, letter size, and any other paper size to make books or magazines. The printer also offers wi-fi connectivity and you can use the touch screen menus to perform the operations wirelessly. It also provides support for mobile printing through cloud, google and apple accounts. Apart from above-mentioned connectivity features, the printer can also be connected with wi-fi direct. The price of this printer is low when compared with the features.
The major disadvantage of owning HP OfficeJet 4650 all in one printer is as follows –
1. Slow print speed.
2. Below par paper handling capacity.
3. No ethernet connectivity.
4. Low print output quality.
All of these traits makes it a head to head competitor with one of the printer models of printer. So, if you are searching for a home office printer then this is to choose. And in near future, if you face any issue then contact experts of HP printer technical support from VFIx365. Their services are reasonable and par excellence. Dial the toll-free number to get the wireless resolution to the printer problem.

Short Review on HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-one printer |VFix365

How to print directly to USB, bluetooth or networked printer

If you have an old network printer connected to windows shared network it will be difficult for you to print directly from your android phone. There are certain printers which can print on windows shared network or a printer that can easily be connected to a Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, a google device does not allow you to directly print using Bluetooth or any other wireless service. Even HP printer tech assistance cannot help you in setting up a wireless connection if you are not equipped with appropriate apps in your phone and in a printer.


If you really want to directly print any document from your android phone then you will have to use a third party app. PrinterShare is one such app which is reviewed as the best app to print documents wirelessly. This app can help you print to windows network share printers, Bluetooth printers, and USB printers. This feature is not for free, you have to shed some money in order to print documents or images without any hassle. You can also use star print app to print wirelessly through shared network or with Bluetooth services. While the printer and smartphone are connected via the same network and they can see each other, you can print any document. Just click on ‘print’ and select the printer available on the shared network and then click on ‘print’.

However, there are some advanced android phones which give the user an ability to print wirelessly using Bluetooth and USB device. Connect your phone with Bluetooth-enabled printer and then select the file you to get prints for.

A smartphone can be of more use when we connect it to a printer. It will help you in printing documents at the time of the problem. For any printer, connectivity issue takes expert advice from VFix365 through HP printer tech support and get an instant resolution on your printer problem.

How to print directly to USB, bluetooth or networked printer