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Wireless HP printers can connect to your computer without any wire and allow you to print from anywhere in the house.

These devices become more popular with some families and in small offices, everyone enjoys using HP wireless printer at home, because these printers work for multiple computer networks without any mess.

HP printer can be connected with various laptops and PC’s, but you should check each PC if it has the capability to connect wirelessly and able to function properly with the wireless HP printer. Installation of HP printer is very easy if you follow the guide carefully.


These devices play a vital role in small to big organizations to print documents every day. Basically, printers come with software CD and complete user manual to install it properly. If you are getting issues with that then you can follow the guidelines given below.

In the first step, you have to insert the software CD into your laptop/PC and follow the instructions you see on your computer. These instructions will lend you the initial network setup for HP wireless printer. Repeat this same procedure on all systems one by one for initial set up.

Now select where to install the software on your computer and set up router system on your main computer. After installation, you don’t need to install any other software if you have already installed most important components of HP Printers.

Let your printer turn on and follow the instructions prompted on your computer. If you don’t see anything, then connect your printer through a USB.

I hope now you can see the option to choose an IP address. If you have large networks, then use a static IP address instead of dynamic. Let the HP s/w to choose a static IP automatically.

Now click on the continue button to complete the process.

You can install the wireless HP printer to your other computers by clicking on the start button. Select the printer name you have installed and access your wireless HP printer from there. But make sure that your laptop/PC is connected to the printer with the wife and your printer is turned on.

If you are getting any issues while installing HP printer’s then you can grab affordable HP printer technical support services from third parties, such as VFix365. You can contact them anytime through HP Printer toll-free number +1-888-924-5460

HP Wireless Printer Installation | HP Printer Technical Support | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

Having Problem with HP Printers while using. Get Instant solutions for relevant problems from HP Printer technical support number 1-888-924-5460

HP printers are one of the reliable printing devices. Although all models of HP printers are good, but to be a machine, they can always be problematic. Many printer users use HP printers Support number for their technical problems associated with HP printers to resolve. The printer either in the office or at home creates many problems for you. Your essential or urgent work to be stopped due to a problematic printer. A black and white or color printer can stop working. If you are using a printer EQUIPMENT in your office, then you can use it for your entire day activities are needed.


For each printer question, you can take the help of online printer technical support by HP printers support number. The carrier may be made by choosing the toll-free number or with the help of live chat services. The online technical support can help you manage your printer hardware or software errors in the solution. The technical problems of the printer may stop your work. Although nowadays the technical support for all of them system-related problems are available, knowing the certified and trained technical experts the real problems of the system and the technical assistance by HP Printer technical support number.

The printer asked technical support for wired or wireless printer, Inkjet, Deskjet or laser printer with color and black and white by Technical Support HP Support number. The technical problems of the printer such as paper jam, do not respond or cartridge problems, compatibility problems or alignment issues can demand support for all. Also, you can ask technical support for the remote and have the solution at your end.

Having Problem with HP Printers while using. Get Instant solutions for relevant problems from HP Printer technical support number 1-888-924-5460

How to fix Common HP Printer Problem Repair Fix and install | HP Printer Technical Support | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460


If you are searching online HP Printer Customer Services to troubleshoot HP printer errors. Latest installation and configuration methods for HP Wireless laser and inkjet printers with PC, Laptop, Computer and Mobile configure Tablet? VFix365 offers best online HP Printer technical support for every location worldwide online technical support.

We work for HP printer machines to repair them immediately without having to visit the user-initiated location. If you need online support for HP printer problem, call us at our toll-free number 1-888-924-5460.

How to fix Common HP Printer Problem Repair Fix and install | HP Printer Technical Support | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

HP Printer Customer Service Number 1-888-924-5460 HP print and scan doctor

A huge number of people are fans of HP products. Whether it is a professional full-fledged computer or a versatile printer. Each of the products made with an optimum use of technology and quality. However, they come with the bundle of worst problems that bloats your work. Most of the printers equipped with the latest technology to combat the printer issue but unfortunately not every printer is neither wireless nor has an inbuilt modern technology. There are some problems which are manufacturer specific and a good diagnostic tool for the owner is the ultimate requirement. You can ask for online advice from HP technical support backed by the team of expert technicians in the case of printer problems.


HP print and scan doctor are a free software that helps you quickly address printer issues and provides an appropriate solution to every unique problem. This software is compatible with every operating system except for Mac.This program checks below listed items at the time of printer problem.

1. Device status – The tool provides a comprehensive daily check to make sure there is no error like paper jams, ink issue, out of feed and much more.
2. Connectivity – This tool is really effective in troubleshooting the root of connectivity issue. Even if hp technical support is unable to provide with desired results this software surely will. If the printer is connected via USB, then it performs a check if the connection is set properly via the shared network or not.
3. Driver Check – It also performs a weekly check on driver updates and informs in the case of an outdated printer driver.
4. Print queue – If you are performing multiple functions on the printer, this software helps you clear the print queue if there are any stuck jobs.
5. Device conflicts – In the case of loosening or uneven port match then it can alert you regarding the same.

When you start any program perform a search from any HP printer and then click on next and continue to the screen where you can diagnose the printer problem. Do you have any issues? In that case, ask for Vfix365 HP technical support services which are available 24/7.

HP Printer Customer Service Number 1-888-924-5460 HP print and scan doctor

HP printer Technical support | Saving money on printing cost | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460


It is also imperative that with every technology and modern gadget comes a bundle of problems associated with the same. It was a thing of past when students used to write essays in their handwriting or when professionals used to prepare slides on the page and used to present among faculty. People are now acknowledging and using technology widely. Most of the people have to do huge printing to perform their daily task. Henceforth, There will be a heavy cost in printing and in printer maintenance. So, if you want to avoid such cost in future below hacks can help you in maintaining a monthly budget. The mentioned tips/hacks are for students who use printer either at their home or at college/university. Let’s have a look what could be done to save money with or without HP printer customer support.

  1. Investing in budget printers – If you have enough pocket money or some funds available to you then it is the right time to invest in a budget printer. You will surely save enormously every month as most of the students will agree that they spend a lot on project or notes printing every month. By budget, do not think if the printer is below £ 20 it will be of great use. Always remember a thumb rule in this prospect: If a printer’s initial cost is low then its ink will deteriorate soon. Not all printer brands offer consistent ink cartridge in low price.

  1. Saving money on ink refills – It is advisable to search for printers which offer individual ink cartridge. You can even search online for websites which offer ink cartridges at discounted rates. Most of the manufacturers will force you to buy only the official one’s from the authorized store, although the ink is not refillable, but keep on hunting for companies that offer same quality ink cartridge at a reasonable rate.

  1. Selling old cartridge – The convenient way of earning money from the printer is selling your old cartridges. It will curb your hankering for immediate money to settle printer ink problems. Besides being money factor for old cartridges, another factor is this process being eco-friendly. It might astound you that some make a living out of selling old cartridges. Yes, now you might also want to sell your old cartridges immediately.

  1. Saving on paper – For students, it is advisable to print only on standard paper as their lecturers will not see the quality of paper. They are more focused on quality of your content. For businesses, high-quality paper is much required. So, choose wisely what is going in your paper tray. HP printer customer support can help you in choosing best for your printer.

  1. Printing in gray scale- Depending upon urgency and requirement of project you can either take colored or black and white print out. However, the cost of color printing can be up to 10 times more.

HP printer Technical support | Saving money on printing cost | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

Why there is a need to take assistance from HP Printer Technical Support to Fix the most common problems with HP Laser Jet printer?

Users may need an urgent expression when suddenly the HP printer is not responding and finds common problems. HP Printers give the indication at the right moment, when you need it most issues and finds the universal problem. HP does not matter any more than the quality of craftsmanship, such as printer hardware problems is susceptible. Also a renowned company like HP that cannot escape the most trusted names in the global printing industry from the annoying and persistent hardware or technical problems.

Let us look into some of the common problems that arise in HP LaserJet printer. As well as getting Instant hp printer customer Support.

Toner smears or does not stick to the sides

One of the most annoying and persistent problems with the HP LaserJet printer, when the toner lubricates the sides or remain not liable, thus wasting of pages a lot. There are several factors that can contribute as these relate to the toner. Incorrect or defective toner cartridge is one such factor. Eventually, the toner may spill in the printer so that the sides of smudging.

HP Printer Paper Jams

Another very persistent and pervasive problem with laser printers is the jamming of papers. Jamming can be caused by dust or dirt particles. Paper misalignment with false papers is also common causes of paper jams.

Partial or complete fading of printed pages

Sometimes you get a print with partially printed pages and even if you get the whole page, it might be hidden. This common problem leads to a loss of paper and money. Lesser amounts of printer toner are a common cause of this problem. However, choose to cause low also fading of printed pages.

HP Printer prints from the tray

Sometimes printer fails papers from the paper tray or paper tray to feed. It is usually caused by the use of paper, which is for the printer, either too easy or too difficult unsuitable.

HP Printer Grey Prints

Sometimes, when you remove a print, you get gray instead of black print. This can be caused when the photoreceptor delegates or the print density is set incorrectly

In the case of HP Printer Technical Support Assistance, Users can directly approach our technicians to diagnosis your problems and get instant solutions. Call our Toll Free Number 1-888-924-5460

Why there is a need to take assistance from HP Printer Technical Support to Fix the most common problems with HP Laser Jet printer?

HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-888-924-5460 |Viewing Print History on HP Printer

When asked which is that one device that can convert your work into hard copy, most of you will answer- Printer. The answer is correct but incomplete. The correct answer would be a Multi-functional Printer. Nowadays, people not only quantify a printer in terms of speed and cost but also on its multi-features. Regardless of the size of the computer, a printer can be set up by using any of the three printer categories, namely, Dot Matrix, Inkjet, and Laser printer. Depending upon requirement and usability printer can be purchased either from online or an authorized retail outlet.

Most of us might be aware of the fact that all printers have some level of variable recurring cost in cartridges and toner. When printers are used extensively in office, after year or so toner cartridge demand a replacement which might prove a costly investment for you. To deal with this issue, you can ask for online HP printer technical support who are available round the clock to resolve questions of their clients in most effective manner. In recent years, many companies have sprung up providing class facilities to potential clients all over the world resolving varied printer queries like paper jams, cartridges issues, connectivity problem, printer not working properly, output issues, paper tray issues and so on. Apart from these problems customer usually come up with one printer problem, How to view Print history on HP printer? People are sometimes not fully aware of the functionality of their HP printer which in turn limits their usage and deviates printer users in making most of it.

For some confidential reasons people do ask for print history which is quite easy to get. It can help you track down the origins of printed items and can help you track the job from starting to end. The below-mentioned procedure is workable on all windows versions. So, let’s have a look how you can view your print history.

1. Login to HP connected with your credentials.
2. A Window (My Printers) will open listing a view of connected printers.
3. Click on eHistroy button.
4. After clicking on eHistory, your system will queue some of the items that you printed. Kindly note- Your print items generally expire in 30 days after they arrive.
5. You can download, share or reprint the file directly from the printer system and save it as per your needs.
6. From the drop down arrow, you can search for all printers that are available on your network.Just select the name of the printer to view their print history.
7. You can refresh the browser if the printer is working slow. This problem happens when you are retrieving older prints.
8. If in case any error occurs, then either follow the on-screen instructions to solve the issue or ask for online

This brilliant feature of printer helps you track the printing history making your life easy and effective. If the above-mentioned pointers are difficult to comprehend then ask for online professional assistance from expert technicians. They can guide you easily through remote access without hampering or altering your workflow. The services are available round the clock by HP Printer Tech Support and are given at many reasonable rates. So, Don’t wait for things to get complex and troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-888-924-5460 |Viewing Print History on HP Printer