HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-888-924-5460 |Viewing Print History on HP Printer

When asked which is that one device that can convert your work into hard copy, most of you will answer- Printer. The answer is correct but incomplete. The correct answer would be a Multi-functional Printer. Nowadays, people not only quantify a printer in terms of speed and cost but also on its multi-features. Regardless of the size of the computer, a printer can be set up by using any of the three printer categories, namely, Dot Matrix, Inkjet, and Laser printer. Depending upon requirement and usability printer can be purchased either from online or an authorized retail outlet.

Most of us might be aware of the fact that all printers have some level of variable recurring cost in cartridges and toner. When printers are used extensively in office, after year or so toner cartridge demand a replacement which might prove a costly investment for you. To deal with this issue, you can ask for online HP printer technical support who are available round the clock to resolve questions of their clients in most effective manner. In recent years, many companies have sprung up providing class facilities to potential clients all over the world resolving varied printer queries like paper jams, cartridges issues, connectivity problem, printer not working properly, output issues, paper tray issues and so on. Apart from these problems customer usually come up with one printer problem, How to view Print history on HP printer? People are sometimes not fully aware of the functionality of their HP printer which in turn limits their usage and deviates printer users in making most of it.

For some confidential reasons people do ask for print history which is quite easy to get. It can help you track down the origins of printed items and can help you track the job from starting to end. The below-mentioned procedure is workable on all windows versions. So, let’s have a look how you can view your print history.

1. Login to HP connected with your credentials.
2. A Window (My Printers) will open listing a view of connected printers.
3. Click on eHistroy button.
4. After clicking on eHistory, your system will queue some of the items that you printed. Kindly note- Your print items generally expire in 30 days after they arrive.
5. You can download, share or reprint the file directly from the printer system and save it as per your needs.
6. From the drop down arrow, you can search for all printers that are available on your network.Just select the name of the printer to view their print history.
7. You can refresh the browser if the printer is working slow. This problem happens when you are retrieving older prints.
8. If in case any error occurs, then either follow the on-screen instructions to solve the issue or ask for online

This brilliant feature of printer helps you track the printing history making your life easy and effective. If the above-mentioned pointers are difficult to comprehend then ask for online professional assistance from expert technicians. They can guide you easily through remote access without hampering or altering your workflow. The services are available round the clock by HP Printer Tech Support and are given at many reasonable rates. So, Don’t wait for things to get complex and troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-888-924-5460 |Viewing Print History on HP Printer

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