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It is also imperative that with every technology and modern gadget comes a bundle of problems associated with the same. It was a thing of past when students used to write essays in their handwriting or when professionals used to prepare slides on the page and used to present among faculty. People are now acknowledging and using technology widely. Most of the people have to do huge printing to perform their daily task. Henceforth, There will be a heavy cost in printing and in printer maintenance. So, if you want to avoid such cost in future below hacks can help you in maintaining a monthly budget. The mentioned tips/hacks are for students who use printer either at their home or at college/university. Let’s have a look what could be done to save money with or without HP printer customer support.

  1. Investing in budget printers – If you have enough pocket money or some funds available to you then it is the right time to invest in a budget printer. You will surely save enormously every month as most of the students will agree that they spend a lot on project or notes printing every month. By budget, do not think if the printer is below £ 20 it will be of great use. Always remember a thumb rule in this prospect: If a printer’s initial cost is low then its ink will deteriorate soon. Not all printer brands offer consistent ink cartridge in low price.

  1. Saving money on ink refills – It is advisable to search for printers which offer individual ink cartridge. You can even search online for websites which offer ink cartridges at discounted rates. Most of the manufacturers will force you to buy only the official one’s from the authorized store, although the ink is not refillable, but keep on hunting for companies that offer same quality ink cartridge at a reasonable rate.

  1. Selling old cartridge – The convenient way of earning money from the printer is selling your old cartridges. It will curb your hankering for immediate money to settle printer ink problems. Besides being money factor for old cartridges, another factor is this process being eco-friendly. It might astound you that some make a living out of selling old cartridges. Yes, now you might also want to sell your old cartridges immediately.

  1. Saving on paper – For students, it is advisable to print only on standard paper as their lecturers will not see the quality of paper. They are more focused on quality of your content. For businesses, high-quality paper is much required. So, choose wisely what is going in your paper tray. HP printer customer support can help you in choosing best for your printer.

  1. Printing in gray scale- Depending upon urgency and requirement of project you can either take colored or black and white print out. However, the cost of color printing can be up to 10 times more.

HP printer Technical support | Saving money on printing cost | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

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