HP Wireless Printer Installation | HP Printer Technical Support | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

Wireless HP printers can connect to your computer without any wire and allow you to print from anywhere in the house.

These devices become more popular with some families and in small offices, everyone enjoys using HP wireless printer at home, because these printers work for multiple computer networks without any mess.

HP printer can be connected with various laptops and PC’s, but you should check each PC if it has the capability to connect wirelessly and able to function properly with the wireless HP printer. Installation of HP printer is very easy if you follow the guide carefully.


These devices play a vital role in small to big organizations to print documents every day. Basically, printers come with software CD and complete user manual to install it properly. If you are getting issues with that then you can follow the guidelines given below.

In the first step, you have to insert the software CD into your laptop/PC and follow the instructions you see on your computer. These instructions will lend you the initial network setup for HP wireless printer. Repeat this same procedure on all systems one by one for initial set up.

Now select where to install the software on your computer and set up router system on your main computer. After installation, you don’t need to install any other software if you have already installed most important components of HP Printers.

Let your printer turn on and follow the instructions prompted on your computer. If you don’t see anything, then connect your printer through a USB.

I hope now you can see the option to choose an IP address. If you have large networks, then use a static IP address instead of dynamic. Let the HP s/w to choose a static IP automatically.

Now click on the continue button to complete the process.

You can install the wireless HP printer to your other computers by clicking on the start button. Select the printer name you have installed and access your wireless HP printer from there. But make sure that your laptop/PC is connected to the printer with the wife and your printer is turned on.

If you are getting any issues while installing HP printer’s then you can grab affordable HP printer technical support services from third parties, such as VFix365. You can contact them anytime through HP Printer toll-free number +1-888-924-5460

HP Wireless Printer Installation | HP Printer Technical Support | Toll Free:1-888-924-5460

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